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Ravi Babu Trivikraman Movie Review Rating Story

Trivikraman Movie Review

Trivikraman Movie Review : ‘Trivikraman’ movie starring Ravi Babu, Nagendra Babu and Sri Harsha in the lead roles are going to hit the screens on today. The film is being produced and directed by Ch. Kranthi Kumar,  while Runky Goswami composed music for the movie . Ami Entertainments banner is producing the movie. This Horror Entertainer is produced by Ramakrishna Rao under the banner of Ami Entertainments. Few Comedians are also acting in this movie to evoke laughs. Actress Anusha who is popular in small screen serials has roped in the Ghost role in the movie. Trailer created enough buzz in Tollywood as it marked that movie includes entertainment with Jabardasth comedians blends with the engaging ghost story. So let us see whether Ravi Babu Trivikraman Movie Review succeeded in Tollywood in engaging the audience.

Trivikraman Movie Review

Trivikraman movie cast and crew are as follows :

Banner:    Ami Entertainments

Cast:    Ravi Babu, Naga Babu, Sri Harsha

Direction:    Kranthi Kumar

Producers:    Kranthi Kumar, Rama Krishna Rao

Music director:  Runki Goswami

Trivikraman Movie Review

Trivikraman Movie Review
Trivikraman Movie Review

Story : update soon

Performances :Once again, Ravi Babu does supremely well in his role. Right through the movie, he showcases some stunning emotions and is amazing in his serious blend with comedy role. Actress Anusha is riveting as the Ghost. Her role is very strong and she has done a decent  job.  Nagababu, as usual, is perfect in his role and gave his best. Sai Harsha could be said as a good choice for his role in the movie as he showcased his character in a perfect way. Danaraj evoked few laughs. Remaining characters did their respective roles in a good way.

Ravi Babu Trivikraman Movie Review Rating Story

Analysis : The story of Trivikraman is quite old but the way things featuring lead actors and their story executed are pretty good.  The first half of the film is gripping and suspense filled. You never know what turn the film will get into as the director narrates the proceedings in quite an innovative and interesting way. Background score elevates the film to another level. On the flip side Trivikram movie is tightly gripping only till first half and when the actual reason is showcased as to why all these weird things are happening, things go wayward. The film loses engaging and becomes a bit slow. There is not much horror in the film and all those who think Trivikraman will have horror and suspense elements can get disappointed.  And as it deals with a common ghost story, major sections of the audience can get turned off with the manner in which things are ended. The climax of the film is also bit dragged for no reason. Too many cinematic liberties will arise many questions in the audience minds.

But production values are top notch, though movie unit had not concentrated much on promotions, we can see grandeur in the movie is perfectly maintained.  Camera work is good and he showcased locations quite nicely. Music is  just average but background score is very good. Dialogues are neat and so was the screenplay. Coming to the director Kranthi Kumar , he has done an okay job with the film as he lost gripping narration here and there. The screenplay is good as many scenes are interlaced with different twists and turns. However, the second half is very predictable and slow. Though movie can entertain to some extent, it can disappoint many who expect something very interesting after all the suspense filled proceedings.

Trivikraman Movie Plus Points and Minus Points

Plus points


First half.

Minus points:

Poor story.

Verdict :- On the whole Thrivikraman is a film which has some very gripping moments blend with a predictable story and slow narration in the second half.  A slow and a bit over the top climax can spoil the fun completely. If you are ok with a predictable story, you can easily give this film a shot which is a horror entertainer and ends up as a time pass watch this weekend.

Final Word : Good in Parts

Trivikraman Movie Rating : 2.75/5

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